• Haiti Health Professional's Network delivers health care to low-income families in the U.S. and Haiti

  • A Haitian dentist providing dental care to patients in a rural area in Cabaret, Haiti

  • US and Haitian health providers on a medical mission in the rural and mountainous part of Arcahaie, Haiti

  • Doctors and nurses from HHPNetwork throwing a heal fair in a low-income community in Immocalee, Florida!

  • HHPNetwork's members and volunteers providing health care to villagers in Chaine des Matheux, Haiti

  • HHPNetwork loading all terrain trucks with medicine for a clinic on a mountainous area in Arcahaie

  • HHNetwork's Nurses and volunteers at community health fair in Immocalee, Florida

  • Nurses and volunteers promoting health education among low-income communities

Get involved

We warmly welcome the contribution individuals and organizations in the health community, philanthropic and business organization in the U.S., Canada and Haiti. Moreover, regardless of your skills, you are welcome to be part of this effort, which aims to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people living in rural communities across Haiti.

There are multiple ways in which you can help:
• make donations,
• fundraise,
• volunteer,
• spread the word or
• invite others to join in
• encourage individuals, organizations and businesses to contribute;
• collect material resources (medical equipment and digital devices);
• contribute to the planning and implementation on health fair;
• help renovate and build health clinics in rural Haiti;
• help plan and join in medical mission trips to Haiti.

In doing so, you help by helping us build a network of supporters to our programs and various activities in rural Haiti. Both your direct or indirect contributions mean a lot to our organization and the communities it serves.

As most rural clinics in Haiti, the ones our organization supports are ill-equipped and lack basic medical supplies required to provide healthcare to these communities. On the other hand, since most rural areas don’t even have makeshift health station, there is a pressing need to build health clinics to ensure access to healthcare is available to these communities all year around. Meanwhile for the clinics that are operational, we desperately need medical supplies.


About HHPNetwork

Haiti Health Professional's Networks aims to assist low-income communities in the US and Haiti in their quest for access to heath care. In the US we prioritize Heal Fair while our main focus in Haiti is to provide its rural communities with access to basic health care through medical mission trips on a regular basis.In both Haiti and the US, the primary focus of our organization is preventative healthcare education. We believe it is the best approach to improving community health is in a sustaible manner.

A patient at the health fair in Immokalee, Florida (May,2018)


Contact us here

750 S Orange blossom Trail St 54
Orlando  FL, 32805



You can join in regardless of your skills by becoming a volunteer, raising funds, and makiing a donation. As a volunteer you can help here in the states or getting involved in medical mission trips to Haiti. Anything you do will make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. You can help wherever you are. Remember!

Your donations is the lifeblood of our organization. Without your kind donation, it woulfl be impossible for us to continue with health fair in the U.S. and medical mission trips to Haiti. By donating you are saving lives. Remember: YOUR DONATION IS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE***